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October 10, 2018
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February 21, 2019

What is NES?

NES –Nexa Elevator Software is a web based application. There are different toolbars associated with this software which help you do different tasks, calculations, measurements and other functions. The important feature that NES presents is its accuracy in the sales and the best ever GUI to the user, in the worlds of business software. It can process reports simultaneously.NES calculate Profit vs. Sales Ratio along with its skeptical graph displayed right on your monitor.

Why NES is the ultimate solution for your Business?

Our aim is to make you believe that your business can have much more potential than you think it can. NES keeps the track of Lift management software. We are dedicated towards increasing the overall sales, reaching your specified targets and goals on time and most of all, making you see the clear picture of your lift business. Any business is characterized based on several parameters. We provide the most efficient flow of your entities throughout the process.

Main Features of NES:

  • Highly customized application to offer you fully-fledged control over micro-details according to your requirements
  • User friendly UI to enhance minimum input maximum output techniques
  • Centralized control of resources & business
  • Works on any platform to provide inter operable and scalable services
  • Easy to access as it is web based
  • Ultrafast updating to provide minimum possible time saving outputs
  • Security through secured logins to provide cyber security
  • Easily upgradable as to provide the customer with new features as soon as they are launched
  • Integrated e-mail and SMS features to automatically generate and send the characteristics directly to customer and your team
  • Saves time and manual work as automation has been introduced with online quotation generating services

NES Modules :

  • User and Resource Management
  • Lead Management
  • New Installations
  • Annual Maintenance Contract
  • Quotation Management
  • Government Documentation
  • Accounts and Inventory
  • Material Management

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